About Us

Who we are ?

A Team of young enthusiastic professionals, committed to support kids in

- Recognizing & cultivating their interests
- Developing creativity and
- Acquiring the vital skills outside the regular curriculum
- To help choosing their career at early age
- To shape their future along with overall personality development

About Us

In the digital generation we need our Kids to be a Step ahead, think smart, and speak confidently and these need to be nurtured from early age of their life. We are aiming at specific Extra Curricular Areas which foster creativity and imagination in the kids to ensure overall personality development and giving them vital skills to realize their dreams and face the upcoming challenges

With the growing no of opportunities and different areas where child interest can fit in, it has become important to start grooming them from early age towards those Extra Miles of their life After thorough research and extensive consultation with the parents and teachers our expert team has designed 5 Specialized Selective Learning Modules as a part of extra-curricular activities.

At first glance, it sounds frivolous. Why should we spend money on these learning modules for kids ? Simple: because it's an investment for lifetime and absolutely necessary. Just 1 class a week will make a huge difference in kids overall portfolio.

Our Methodology

Here at “Kids Extra Mile Education”, we are truly passionate seeing our program benefit kids and schools. Our primary focus is to help kids reach that extra mile in their life by engaging them in extracurricular activities carefully crafted taking feedback from parents to suit every child and school’s needs. We use pictures, videos, group activities and games to make the learning very easy and interesting.

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