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With our world entering digital era Coding is the one of the essential skills for present and future.

- Web development
- App Development
- Python programming
- Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
- Data Analytics using Power BI and Tableau
- 2 D Animation
- Basic and Advanced MS Office

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Robotics is mentioned as one of the highest professional careers in the world. Robotics for Kids involves understanding the components of a robot, the functioning of a robot, and the building and programming of a robot. It is a fun and innovative way to teach children the fundamentals of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

RoboCHAMPS : With RoboThink’s exclusive robotics kit and our inventive STEM curriculum, your kids will have a blast learning STEM with our robotics programs.

Dash And Dot Workshop: Yes, robotics and coding are good friends, and thanks to drag-and-drop coding," kids can learn to program using an engaging graphical interface (that is similar to Scratch).

Robo Dragon : Is yet another Robotics design to eaplore and master, assemble and learn to instruct the robot.

Make block mBot Robotics Coding Kit : Innovative and Fun way to assemble and code using Block coding and Robotics.

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Language Skills

Language is an essential skill that unlocks huge opportunities. Did you know that countries like Germany and other European countries provide huge scholarships for foreign students and knowing their native languages increases your chances to get in.

- French
- Spanish
- German
- Mandarin (Chinese)

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Public Speaking

No matter which field you choose to pursue your carrier, speaking confidently and remarkable presentation skills will make you shine and take you to new heights.

- Hosting/Anchoring the show
- Debate
- Presentation Skills
- Vocabulary Boomer

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Creative writing

Weather you enjoy read hard cover books or your favorite blog online, the art of writing is all it takes convey your thoughts and engage with your reader. At KEME EDU we develop the Art of writing, how to structure and write the content.

- Story writing
- Article writing
- Blog writing
- Content writing
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Enter the work of Journalism with KEME EDU, have you ever wonder what News Paper and TV news media does. How can you become a successful journalist. With KEME EDU, you will learn the art of Writing/Reporting/Editing the news You will learn live reporting and photography.

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Starting a business does not need any minimum age. You can start your own brand and business with simple idea. At KEME EDU you will learn the concept of Entrepreneurship, How to build your own company/business, Buy and sell your products, How to reach your market.

- Bring Idea to Life
- Market Research
- Build a Plan
- First Sales Pitch
- Marketing
- Attract Customers

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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy is very important for kids, this course takes them through the fundamentals of money management, such as budgeting, saving, debt, investing, and giving. That knowledge lays the groundwork for students to develop strong money habits early on and avoid many of the mistakes that lead to lifelong financial difficulties

- Value of Money
- Saving and Investment
- Fintech

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Art / Craft

Let’s take a step ahead and learn the enormous forms of Art and Craft.

- Charcoal Sketching
- Mahbubani Art
- Mandala Art
- Worli Art
- Lipan Art
- Pichai Art
- Resin Art
- Sculpture Art

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Dance is a best way to express yourself, it creates proper balance between mind and soul. Learn different dance forms with KEME EDU

- Hip Hop Dance
- Salsa Dance
- Indian Fusion Dance
- Indian Classical

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Spelling Bee

Are you crazy about words. Join us and learn new words in fun way. We host state/national and international level Spelling competitions.

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