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The world around Kids is changing at a fast pace, creating ample new opportunity avenues. Skills related to Coding, AI/ML, Robotics, Data Analytics, Financial literacy, Entrepreneurship, Foreign language etc. are in great demand.

Each child is unique and thus has varying passion and interest areas. It is essential to groom them from early age to achieve those Extra Miles in their life. Age 3 to 13 years is the best time where a kid can be Nurtured, Molded and Casted to reach the heights of their dreams.

Todays’ digital revolution has brought the entire world a click away, made enormous information available, transformed the way we socially interact.

We are an EdTech company providing emerging extracurricular activities.

We have over 10 years Experience




Happy Students


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A Modern Approach to Overall Development of Kids


We believe that kids learn best by creating. By expressing their creativity, they produce something new and valuable that helps cement the formation of their knowledge.


By practicing metacognition, the act of thinking about their thinking, kids make sense of their life experiences and allow themselves to adopt the learning processes needed to fuel their passions.


We give students authorship of their learning to engage them deeply and solve problems that matter to them.


We promote collaboration to build our students' social qualities and work together to find solutions that bring about meaningful change.


We encourage our students to make mistakes. Mistakes provide personal experiential proof and are undeniable creators of knowledge.


We believe that there is always more than one way to do things and continuously strive to give meaningful variety in our approach to cater to every student.

A Tailored Approach to each School / Student

The KEME.Edu platform creates an individual study program for each student and helps the teacher analyze the progress of the children in the group.

"My daughter Sophia says it's great, she learns a lot and that the teacher is really nice. Se genuinely enjoys it and is really motivated. He likes to practice at home and if he needs help, hes teacher responds right away. Really recommended."

— Brandi Li, mother of Sophia (age 10), Kuala Lumpur

Learning made Simple, Easy and Fun-filled

The KEME.Edu platform brings 30+ subjects offerings under its umbrella and provides incredible opportunity to select that best fits students interest.


Year Leader

Lincoln International School

It was a privilege to be a part of KEME family. They were very professional in executing Extra curricular activities for Grade 5 to Grade 8 students. The classes were fun and students enjoyed being part of them.


Mutiara International Grammar School

KEME is an integral part of Mutiara family since 2017. The faculties of KEME has expertise to conduct classes for emerging courses. They keep introducing new courses giving students ample opportunity to explore their passion.

Secondary Head

Sayfol International School

We received extremely positive feedback from students for the courses conducted by KEME. Seeing the overwhelming response we are looking forward to introduce more and more course from KEME to our students. The KEME staff worked very closely with us to make learning enjoyable for students.

Priyanka Mirpuri

Principal, My Play Room

We were proud to be associated with Kids Extra Mile Education, who have great focus on overall personality development of the kids. The methodologies are very effective and they share great passion for grooming the kids for the future.

Mrs. Anu Aneja

Head Teacher, My Play Room

Amita is much focused, energetic and an amazing personality which I believe is the key to KEME’s success. During the KEME’s program at our school we received overwhelming response from the students and parents. The parents now are more and more interested in providing such modules to their kids which focus on extra-curricular activities. I found KEME’s program to be very effective, tailor made to suit the potential and psychology of each individual kids.

Mrs. Peace Ama Yeboah

Principal, Willow International School

When Amita approached me with the KEME program and I was not sure if it would work. But now I am really happy that I introduced KEME program in our school which has done wonders in very short span of time. Kids are so motivated to attend to KEME’s programs and we can see the boost in their confidence, Public Speaking and Drama and positive attitude towards life.

Miss Linda

Principal, Mummy Day Care

Mummy Day Care is extremely proud to be associated with KEME. The programs and modules introduced by KEME bridges the big gap present today in the academic world and the real world. They make our kids ready for the future challenges and give the balanced development. I would strongly recommend schools to encourage such activities in their curriculum

Karine Esteves

KEME Associate

KEME gave me a platform to work towards something which I really believe i.e. overall development of kids. Entire KEMEs team has tremendous faith in their vision and work hard to achieve it. Working with KEME gave me true sense of contributing towards the enrichment of our society by empowering our future leaders with the vital skills.

Nettie Olson

Director Extracurricular Activities, Lincoln Community School

Amita has been an integral part of the After School Activities Program at Lincoln Community School for about 2 years. She is well experienced and has shown commitment and dedication to her students. She works well with children and I would strongly recommend her

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